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SP Connect™ Anti Vibration Module


Use the SP Connect™ Anti Vibration Module to further reduce vibrations for a variety of frequency ranges. The development of this new product is a reaction to the complexity of newer smartphone models, whose camera systems consist of increasingly sensitive components. The specially developed elastomer inlay dampens in all directions and stops up to 60% of vibrations (e.g. from the motorcycle engine) that could affect the mechanical image stabilizer of the camera. This not only protects your smartphone, but it remains stable and securely mounted so that you can easily navigate while on the road.

  • CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminium
  • 3D vibration damping through specially developed elastomer inlay
  • Portrait / Landscape orientation option
  • 360° rotation in 6° increments
  • Fits all SP Connect™ mounts with standard damping head
  • Easy DIY mounting

Please select your bike to check compatibility with this product.