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Genuine Yamaha Explorer Pack Ténéré 700 Silver


Ténéré 700 is built to take you off the beaten track and move you over to new horizons. The Explorer Pack contains the complete ensemble of accessories to support this journey of discovery. The aluminium side cases with 72L capacity ensure you have enough space to pack up and go at a moment’s notice. To carry even more luggage, the Explorer Pack features an easily mountable mono seat rack, with flat surface, that allows faster setting up of additional bags. With all that luggage, it’s imperative to have good bike stability when parked and that’s why the Explorer Pack is equipped with a centre stand. For added protection, the pack also features a skid plate and an engine guard, so your Ténéré 700 can withstand those long-distance travels. Are you ready to make the next horizon yours?

  • Explorer Pack – Destination Adventure!

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